Typewriter Art: Finding New Use for Near-Extinct Machines

Manual typewriter artwork from Mike Greenstein's business card and website.

My friend and frequent art director Melissa Snavlin gets the credit for choosing a manual typewriter as the artwork for my business card (thanks again, Missy, it’s still working for me!)  The image is of course intended to characterize my writing and editing business as traditional, steady and dependable.  That’s the way I see it, anyway.

Recently I read about another American artist who is taking the practically extinct typewriter in an entirely different artistic direction. According to this piece by writer Simone Preuss, Oakland, Calif., artist Jeremy Mayer takes old typewriters and reassembles them to look like human heads and bodies. Mayer has been building these sculptures since 1994, using nothing but old typewriter parts. According to the article, some of his work has sold for  thousands.

To see his works and find out more, visit his website,  jeremymayer.com.

For the record, I don’t really use a manual typewriter anymore, having gone totally digital many years ago. Every time there’s a power outage, however, I wish I still had one.

If you’re ever at a similar loss for words, contact me. Maybe a good editor at a remote location can help.


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One response to “Typewriter Art: Finding New Use for Near-Extinct Machines

  1. I am an Eminent Typewriter Artist of India and do portraits on manual typewriter. You may like to view my art at http://www.umtal.webs.com. I have made a world record of the largest typewritten portrait.

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