Who’da Thank It?: Even Great Editors Make Mistakes

Mike and Roland at Nationals Park, 2008.

My close friend and frequent cohort Roland Sweet currently serves as the self-appointed Proofreader General of the United States (PGUS)–and I have his business card to prove it (Motto: Spelling Counts). But even the exalted PGUS can screw up.  

The current issue of Log Home Living, the magazine he edits, includes a typo in the Editor’s Note: “thank” instead of “think,” as in “Thank of it as Log Home Living in high-def.” Fortunately, as I’ve often told Roland, nobody ever reads editor’s notes. Nevertheless, he is prepared to defend himself.

“In case anyone does notice,” Roland wrote to me in an email, “I think (or thank) I’m on safe ground telling them that ‘thank’ is the pluperfect subjective conditional of  ‘think’ or that it’s hip-hop slang used to reach out to the next generation of log-home owners (similar to ‘thang’ and because ‘thank’ rhymes with ‘skank’  better than ‘think’). And who doesn’t remember Rodin’s sculpture, ‘The Thanker’ or Aretha Franklin’s hit, ‘Thank’: You better thank (thank) thank about what you’re trying to do to me. Yeah, thank (thank, thank), let your mind go, let yourself be free.

“But let’s not forget the 10,135 words I got right. At least I thank I did.” Thus far, no one has written the magazine to point out the error.

Roland Sweet's latest book.

As far as I know, there are no errors in Roland’s latest book, Log Home Secrets of Success: An Insider’s Guide to Making Your Dream Home a Reality (PixyJack Press),  a practical guide to planning, building and living comfortably in a log home. Roland’s tips and insights about the various facets of designing a log home, selecting suppliers and builders and evaluating log packages are invaluable. He explains how to calculate costs, what to look for when buying land, making energy-wise decisions, working with a builder and the importance of assembling a team that shares your vision. It includes photos, advice from log-home owners and a useful appendix.

Roland, of course, also chronicles news of human folly in a weekly syndicated newspaper column called Newsquirks (News & Blues in the Syracuse New Times, where we worked together). Although Roland is a terrific editor of his own work and rarely makes any mistakes, now that he’s been caught in one he no doubt understands the need for hiring an another set of eyes to review his writing before it’s published. If he ever needs another editor, he knows whom he can call.



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2 responses to “Who’da Thank It?: Even Great Editors Make Mistakes

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