Child Care Center Gets Press Coverage

I’ve gotten a great deal of personal satisfaction out of my ongoing professional relationship with Paula Jones, owner and founder of Our Beginning Child Care & Early Learning in Seattle. Paula first contacted me several years ago for help with her resumé and other documents related to a job search. She didn’t get that job, but a year or so later was calling again, this time to help her formulate a business plan to get financing for a child care center–a high-quality specialized facility that took a holistic approach to child care, early learning and parenting skills. It didn’t take her long to convince me she had a winning concept and the expertise to make it happen. Ultimately, all the lenders, certifiers, and realtors agreed, and about two years later, Our Beginning opened in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood.

The opening triggered another wave of activity for me. There was Web site copy to be edited, as well as job descriptions, hiring practices, and employee policies. And press releases, of course, heralding the grand opening and the unique philosophies behind the facility.

I thought the media would respond to Paula’s presentation, and early results indicate I’m right. KING5-TV and the Ballard News-Tribune responded, and more will no doubt follow. Congratulations to Paula for getting the attention she and Our Beginning deserve. With the dearth of quality child care facilities in the Seattle area, the center should be running at full capacity quickly. I look forward to doing many more projects with Paula and her associates in the future.


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