Discovery Park Newsletter Gets New Editor

That, ahem, editor would be me, Mike Greenstein. I just put to bed my first issue as editor of Discovery Park News, the newsletter of Seattle’s Discovery Park. Under my stewardship, the park plans to publish six newsletters this year, distributing it for the most part as an Adobe PDF document to anybody who signs up on the park’s Web page. Just scroll down to the sign-up box and enter your e-mail address, and you’ll receive an e-mail with each  new edition. 

Newsletter editor in the park's historic district.

I don’t plan to write articles for Discovery Park News, just to edit the park staff’s articles and regular features and organize them so the park can get reliable information out to its users and other interested readers. The park staff, perpetually asked to do more with less, was getting a bit behind in newsletter duties, so when I answered their call for help, they were glad to meet me. Anne Bentley, park public education program specialist, told me when I sent her the layout for the first issue,”This looks great.  Thank you so much for doing all this work.”  (Trust me, it’s not that big a deal.) 

Discovery Park, Seattle’s largest, was once the U.S. Army base Fort Lawton, leading to a lot of clearing and current reforestation on the site, at the tip of a peninsula jutting

West Point Lighthouse

Trail to West Point lighthouse, 2007.

into Puget Sound. The 534-acre park has great views of the Sound and mountains, hiking trails, a historic district, beaches, wetlands, and a lighthouse. Restoration of the lighthouse is the subject of the lead article in the February issue of Discovery Park News. Future issues will include articles on park wildlife (including coyotes, a black bear, and the infamous cougar trapped in the park in fall 2009), park history and habitat restoration.

In addition to my editorial duties, my wife Heather Tully and I have been park volunteers in the Adopt-An-Area program since 2005, pulling Scotch broom and blackberry from a reforested area of  the park where military barracks once stood.

This view of the Olympic Mountains from Discovery Park’s South Meadow was taken in early spring. Many of the photos that I’ve snapped over years of dog walking will be finding their way into the newsletter to enliven and balance the page layouts. Let me know what you think!

[Note: In June 2011, budget cuts and reduced staffing in the Seattle Parks Department caused the suspension (if not cessation) of the Discovery Park News. Please visit the Portfolio Page  on and scroll down to view  .pdf files of issues I edited.]


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  1. Roland Sweet

    Let me know what you think!

    I don’t understand why this sentence merits an exclamation mark.

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